Do you have mercury fillings in your mouth?
If you have older leaky or broken fillings made with mercury, we highly suggest you get them redone with composite fillings to restore your teeth and to help minimize the amount of mercury in your body.

White fillings are made to look like your natural teeth. In the past amalgam fillings which were made with mercury and silver where the main material to fill dental cavities. However, today for many health reasons and for a better, whiter smile, tooth-coloured fillings are preferred. With all the advances in bonding technique white fillings are now the main method to fill dental cavities.

Who needs teeth bonding?
If you are suffering from uneven teeth, gapped teeth, chipped teeth, broken teeth, or discoloured teeth bonding may be your solution!

Tooth with existing filling (amalgam filling). Notice the margins around the filling.

Amalgam is removed and tooth needs to be cleaned. Notice the cavities under the amalgam filling.

Tooth is cleaned now ready for white bonding.

The tooth is filled with the white bonding. Notice this tooth is margin free. This tooth last much longer than a tooth with margin filling

Yes, this is what we do at the Art of Smile Dental Clinic, and Yes, you can expect the same result from our dentist everytime. We show every patient before and after work.

What is teeth bonding?
Today’s dentistry with variety of  tooth-coloured composites and resins offers bonding techniques that allows teeth to match in colour and look perfectly symmetrical and look natural at the same time.

Tooth Bonding can make a big difference
Composite bonding can be done in one single visit, hence you will see your smile greatly enhanced right away. Most of the times very minimal tooth reduction is required.

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